"Heal with Me"

By Tony Sciuto

Floating pieces of my heart
Drifting out to sea
Since I set you free
Scattered visions of your eyes
Staring down at me
With every cloud I see

The door closed between us
I was lost and insecure
I’m begging for forgiveness
Please open your door

Heal with me
Kiss the pain away
You’ve got to feel my love
It's a brand new day
I've been hurtin' too
But there's recovery
If you Heal With Me

Major chords with minor scales
Makes for dissonance
And the hurt prevails
Let's re-write the melody
Let's put harmony to this tragedy

I hear your name with every drop of rain that falls from the sky
Your haunting reflection Each time I close my eyes

Heal with me
We could win this fight
We could own the moon
Making love tonight
If we could break these chains; it would set us free
If you Heal with me

We need a light to shine upon this darkness that we've made
Waiting on the answers to the prayers that we've prayed


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