"The Same Girl"

By Tony .Sciuto - S. Egorin

Slippin' out the backdoor
Runnin' like a convict
Take off like a Starship
To some other Planet
Rev up like a Harley
Race like your at INDY

Love is a starting gun
That tells you when to run

You can catch an Aero plane
Ride a Greyhound outta town
Buy yourself a REAL FAST CAR
Take that Train to NOWHERE
You can run and never stop
Searchin' for a brand-new world
But tomorrow your gonna wake up

Talk about commitment
Then you turn up missin'
You hear the words 'I Love You'
Close like cell doors in a prison
You bolt out like lightning
You blow out like a Hurricane

Whenever love shows face
You keep runnin' away



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