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  • Tony Sciuto Performing Live At The Horseshoe Casino

    Tony Sciuto Performing Live At The Horseshoe Casino

    Tony Sciuto is performing live at, The Horseshoe Casino, in downtown Baltimore in, Jack Binion’s Steakhouse, to enthusiastic audiences. Tony has been welcomed to playing his original songs done in special piano arrangements along with many popular iconic songs that get the crowds gathering close to the piano when we sings and plays. You can catch him there on any of these dates and be sure to catch him when he performs along with Paul Soroka as Tugboat in the main entertainment room.

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  • Tony Sciuto Real Time Radio Blog

    Check out my Real Time Radio Blog with R Lee Townsend Click here to listen to Tony Sciuto’s Radio interview Blog:

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  • Exclusive! Rippers Behind The Scenes Pre Show Rehearsal

    The Rippers working in a pre-show rehearsal before appearing on the Jimmy Fallon Show…

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  • Tony Sciuto Band Shots

    Tony Sciuto Band Shots

    The Tony Sciuto Band Japanese Tour Shots – 1981 and 2012 The Cotton Club Performance in Tokyo, Japan, 2012 Tony singing Cafe LA. in concert at the piano, 1981. Various 1981 Japanese Tour Shots Below… Paul Soroka Michael Sciuto Larry Kegley          Michael Sciuto, Jimmy Gosnell, Frank Serio, Tony Sciuto, Ron Gorub, Paul Soroka Mike Taylor, Larry Kegley, Gary Griffin and Sammy Egorin taking the photo.

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  • Jesse & The Rippers Shots

    Jesse & The Rippers Shots

    Enjoy these pictures taken on the set of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon of the Jesse & The Rippers Reunion. Band Group Shot On The Set  Performing On the Jimmy Fallon Show Black & White TV Set Studio Photo  Tony Sciuto on the Fender Bass with Gary Griffin texting John for the rehearsal schedule. After the show gathering with Fallon & the Rippers. Article In the New York Post About The Jesse & The Rippers Reunion On Late Night with […]

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