Tony Sciuto Band Shots

The Tony Sciuto Band Japanese Tour Shots – 1981 and 2012

Tony Band cotton club 1

The Cotton Club Performance in Tokyo, Japan, 2012


Tony singing Cafe LA. in concert at the piano, 1981.

Various 1981 Japanese Tour Shots Below…

Paul Soroka

Michael Sciuto


Larry Kegley

!cid_07fe01c4474c$41e59cb0$4b509f3f@WorkComputerCowboy in Japan




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Michael Sciuto, Jimmy Gosnell, Frank Serio, Tony Sciuto, Ron Gorub, Paul Soroka
Mike Taylor, Larry Kegley, Gary Griffin and Sammy Egorin taking the photo.




  1. Jackson Heartbeat says:

    I love the shot of the Bass player with the Cowboy Hat!!! Jackson

  2. Teri (almony) Lerner says:

    What ever happened to the guitar player mike taylor?

    • 1212TSman says:

      Hi Teri, Thanks for your comment. Mike Taylor is alive and well.
      You can find him on Facebook ( mic.taylor.79 ).

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