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  1. Alisha Doutt says:

    Dear Mr Tony Sciuto

    You are a great singer. You were a great member of Little River Band and Player. How’s your family? Do they love your family?

    Can I please have an autographed picture?

    My address is
    Alisha Doutt
    42 North Porter Street
    Waynesburg PA 15370

    Alisha Doutt

  2. Debbie mullins says:

    Hi Tony I always knew you would make it. all the way back to the nut house days. Back when my brother Eddie gray and I would go there. Just kids with a dream. So glad to see yours came true and to hear your voice. Brings back a lot of memories. Debbie gray mullins

    • 1212TSman says:


      Thank you for your kind post!
      It’s been a labor of love with music all of my life.
      It’s what he put me here for and I try to honor that.

      I don’t measure my career by ‘made it’ because that’s in the hands of the beholder.

      However, music has allowed
      Me to travel the world and let the world hear the music that I have in my head.

      Thanks for your support and give my love to your bro who I haven’t seen in maybe 40 yrs or so.:-) -Tony

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